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Pain. And pleasure. In that order.
I've always been a strange little girl. And as I grew up my fantasies only got stranger. I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by spanking. And bondage, punishment and other torments. Always drawn to the dark side, it was only natural I should find a home in the pain industry.
I'm notorious for putting my darkest fantasies on film and I'm best known for the intense, edgy movies I've made with Lupus Pictures. In fact, I'm the only Western girl to have shot with the mysterious "Werewolves from the East".
But it's not all about torture and interrogation for me; I have a more traditional side too. The school kink is a vital part of my sexuality. In fact singles dating, it's the core of my kink. There's nothing quite so intoxicating as a formal English school caning from a strict headmaster - skirt up, knickers down. Especially for an American girl who never had to wear uniforms or say "sir" and "miss."
I don't like BEING punished;
I like having BEEN punished.

It's hard to explain why I do it. Am I really a masochist if I don't like pain? I honestly don't enjoy being women looking for sex spanked or caned at all. Not while it's happening. What I enjoy is the afterglow, the tingling and the exhilaration of having suffered and survived. I suppose each scene is a little lifetime. A dangerous casual sex dating one where I die to live again.
So come to the edge with me. And let's explore the shadows.

love niki